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Dennis Pierce

Master Certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach
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Dennis is an experienced leader with 30 years of managing multi-national enterprise account relationships and the teams that support them. He has served in a variety of leadership roles in the professional services industry, including Global Account Manager, Operations Manager, Global Sales Director and Sr Manager of Sales Engineering. Dennis has collaborated with top executives across all vertical markets to design, implement and support transformative workflows serving millions of customers. He is a passionate leader with a focus on the human side of business. Resilient in the face of change, he has successfully managed through the evolution of a Holding Company to Operating Company through successful merger and re-launch.

Key to Dennis’ success is his ability to connect on a visionary level with cross-functional stakeholders to advance comprehensive organizational initiatives. He is a thought-leader promoting a culture of inclusivity and a platform of open expression without judgement yielding results beyond expectations. Teams thrive where they feel valued, seen and heard which in turn fosters high levels of retention beyond the immediate productivity. Collaborating across various departments, teams expand their emotional intelligence while gaining a deeper understanding of and respect for their peers’ roles and responsibilities.

Dennis possesses a strong sense of social responsibility, of giving back to the community. His extensive experience along with the passion to unlock an individual’s potential leads to a more productive and fulfilling leadership experience for his clients and teams.

Q and A with Your ILEC Coach

The most fulfilling aspect of my career is guiding the journeys of so many talented individuals and teams. As a Coach I work with the brightest minds in business, with the potential to drive extraordinary results – constrained only by a leader’s ability to imagine. The subsequent scale and impact of those teams led by my clients motivates me daily.

Every single one of us possesses the talent to do more within our lifetimes. My goal is to help professionals identify their personal attributes along with their ambitions, to forge a more tangible roadmap to realizing their goals. A purposeful journey will produce a more rewarding and sustainable culture within their organization.

We are at a critical crossroads as a society – with all of the opportunities that technology affords us we are challenged more than ever to develop a more meaningful connection with our teams and our customers. My experience in talent development and client retention, along with the ILEC systems will unlock that potential within every leader to maximize ROI.

I have earned and maintained the respect, trust and loyalty of all I interact with throughout my career. My ability to listen, understand, operationalize and execute have made me a trusted advisor to clients, peers and direct reports alike. As a student of both life and business, I enjoy exploring to understand the individual strengths and challenges of an organization. I do this by promoting a culture of collaboration without fear of criticism or constraints within a team, allowing members to benefit from each other’s strengths in a safe place.

I fear no challenge and have been charged with scaling massive undertakings. I am a business development leader, having successfully launching a Managed Business Services division and an Enterprise Services program – contracting with Amazon, AT&T, BlueCross, Starbucks, T-Mobile and many others. I am a thought-leader having established a Global Technology Sales team in 90 days consisting of 160 sales professionals to drive $300M in annual sales. While digital transformation became a business requirement during the pandemic, I have been leading transformational concepts for nearly 20 years.

I am blessed with a loving family and a tremendous network of friends and colleagues. As a small child growing up in the same neighborhood my parents grew up in I enjoyed the unique opportunity of living on the same block as my grandparents. I came to understand at an early age the value of sharing personal experience and lessons learned with others. I took this insight on a backpacking trip around the world shortly after college.

While traveling the world, sharing meals and stories with others of such diverse backgrounds and cultures I came to realize that people are all essentially working toward very similar goals…just with different toolkits and different pathways. I feel fortunate to have made this discovery during the course of my journeys and now have the ability to help others work more effectively.

  1. Drive for Results – I work diligently to establish value in all engagements by clearly defining ROI milestones and desired results for my clients. This provides a clear path to my client’s success and satisfaction.
  2. Versatility – I’ve successfully managed both sides of the balance sheet, in a multitude of leadership roles responsible for driving top line revenues in excess of $100M per year while designing and supporting Business Process Optimization in world-class operations.
  3. Organizational Agility – I have hired and nurtured incredible teams of successful professionals while building a loyal client base. I’ve accelerated sales cycles, improved profitability and promoted synergy through cross-functional engagement. This is a result of energy, enthusiasm and endless optimism that we can accomplish whatever we choose with teamwork and proper focus.

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